Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vanilla muffins

So, I haven't posted in a while. Well, maybe not that long... I think it's been like, a week and a half or something. I'm not sure. But anyways... I haven't baked much in the past week and a half. I did make some of Joy the Baker's whole wheat molasses bread, which was pretty fabulous. I used sour cream and blackstrap molasses just because that was what we had in the house and I was feeling too lazy to go out at 9 at night. It still turned out wonderfully, although next time I'd add a little milk because it was a little dry since I used sour cream.

I also made some cookies the other day but they turned out badly. Well, they tasted great, but they were not aesthetically pleasing at all. So instead of pitching a fit and then throwing them out, I went to the store, got the stuff to make ice cream, and made some pretty delicious ice cream. It wasn't a good consistency, but it did taste pretty yummy.
I'm going to keep working on the cookie recipe because I think it will be good once I can get the cookies the right texture/thickness.

When I was about 5, my mother, sister and I would go to this coffee shop/bakery by my old house a lot. I think my mom usually got cream cheese muffins, my sister got some form of chocolate, and I always, always got vanilla. They were wonderful. Humongous and super vanilla-y. Maybe that's where I got my obsession with vanilla from. I add way too much vanilla to everything, because I just think it makes everything taste better. The same with malt and cinnamon, but I just had vanilla in these muffins.
They weren't like the ones at the bakery, but they were definitely delicious. I think next time I'd cut down a little on the sugar, because they were very sweet. I had added 1/4 cup less sugar than the original recipe, but even that was a bit much. They were also a lot lighter in texture than the ones from the bakery, but that was definitely a good thing. I think they could have been a little heavier, as they were almost cupcake like, but they were still very good. It only takes about 5 minutes to put these together, which is awesome as well. I over-filled mine because I love muffins with big tops, but you could fill to about 3/4 full and get more muffins. I filled mine up to the top almost, and got 12 muffins.

Vanilla Muffins
Adapted from The Singing Chef

2 cups flour
1 tbs baking powder
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tbs vanilla
Preheat oven to 350, line 12 muffin tins with papers
Sift together the dry ingredients, then add the rest of the ingredients and stir until just combined. Spoon into muffin tins and bake 18-21 minutes, until a toothpick comes out with just a few crumbs.

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  1. You're muffins look great! You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award