Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday cake

Well... I tried. That is about all I can say for this cake... the icing was bad because I didn't have a food processer, so I improvised and there were seeds in the icing. The icing was too runny and too sweet. I tried decorating it but it just melted down the sides of the cake (it wasn't particularly warm, the icing was just too runny). So I won't be posting the recipe for the icing, but I will be posting the delicious yellow cake recipe because it was wonderful. I will also be posting a few pictures of this cake so that you can laugh at the ugliness of it. The cake itself was delicious. Moist and super fluffy and just absolutely amazing. This will definitely be what I use in the future for yellow cakes. Click here for the recipe.


  1. Well it sounds delicious and the taste is what counts isn't it :D

  2. Whether that frosting was runny or not, I bet it tasted good. Pink food always tastes good doesn't it? I'm glad you were happy with the cake.

  3. well it LOOKS delicious, so it's hard to believe that it didn't taste good! seeds are okay!
    at least the cake turned out well, it looks moist like you said!
    glad i found your blog!:)