Sunday, March 27, 2011

White Chocolate Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream Frosting

I still haven't gotten the hang of taking pictures yet :/ I know my frosting is sloppy, I didn't feel like piping it on and I kind of like the way hand-frosted cupcakes look.

So, I had this strange urge to make cupcakes today, I'm not sure why. I normally never make cupcakes. I've also been wanting to make them with some kind of fruit, I guess because it's getting to be spring time. So although it was FREEZING tonight, like, 45 degrees (it's been in the 80s recently, gotta love the south!), I decided that I NEEDED to make these cupcakes. The cupcakes recipe is from here, but I made up the buttercream frosting :D It only makes enough to frost about 9-12 cupcakes, but I only had 6 blackberries left haha. It doesn't have a super intense blackberry taste, but you could add more and then just wait on adding the cream and see how it looks. Some of the cupcakes have a strawberry buttercream but I haven't perfected that yet so I'm only posting the recipe for the blackberry buttercream. Blackberry Buttercream

6-8 frozen blackberries, mostly defrosted ½ tsp vanilla A couple drops raspberry extract A couple drops lemon extract 2 cups powdered sugar ½ cup butter, room temperature 2 tbs cream

Smoosh the blackberries into a pulp (I don't have a food processer), set aside.

Beat together butter and one cup of powdered sugar, then beat in the second cup. Add the extracts, blackberry pulp, beat. Depending on the texture, add 1-2 tbs cream or milk.


  1. Those look delicious!! And so pretty. :D

  2. Adorable cupcakes!!

    And Ryan, if you can commit to having a blog, cooking, taking pictures, and writing you can do culinary and/or baking school. And you should! You may have to work 6 months in a kitchen before you apply, but by the time I was your age I'd been working in kitchens for two years.

    You can and should do this while you're young and free!